• Jul. 14th, 2010 at 11:17 PM
Name: Sadi

Email: leave.your.sleeo@gmail.com
Experience/Brief Bio: I'm a twenty-something, literary obsessed woman whose inner grammar stickler applies to everyone and everything but her own writings. I've been writing and reading for most of my life, and while my fanfiction is more likely to see the light of day, I have been known to write both.
Strengths: I have a fairly strong grounding in all of the technical stuff. Characterization and sentence structure tend to be areas where I'm the pickiest; I also have an intense appreciation for flowing dialogue, and unusual metaphors and descriptions. Anything under five thousand words I can usually have back to you within twenty four to thirty six hours; if you want a time estimate on anything longer than that feel free to shoot me an email.
Weaknesses: Plot points. If it's a particular concern of yours, then I need a heads up to be on the look out. 
Preferred Genres: Fantasy, fiction, historical fiction... I'm fairly open to anything.
Fandoms: Oh, there are so many of them. Check here for an overview or enquire within. 
Preferred Ratings: Anything rated R or lower.
Would Rather Not: No non-crack MPregs or non-con or dub-con unless it serves the plot. 
Original Fiction/Nonfiction: Yes. Though my strengths lean towards fantasy, fiction, and historical fiction I'm open to pretty much anything.

Jack Of None

  • May. 15th, 2009 at 7:42 PM
Name: Jack, or Tilly if you prefer
Email: jackofnone@clockwork-harlequin.net
Experience/Brief Bio: I am a 25-year-old library science major with a background in classical studies; I've been in fandom for going on 6 years now, mostly as a fic writer (albeit not the world's most prolific one). I've done a little bit of editing work -- odd jobs proofreading someone's thesis, mostly -- though I'm hardly a professional editor by any means. I also draw, make jewelry, and play an enormous amount of tabletop RPGs. As far as reading goes, I mostly like fantasy (of the YA and weird variety), old-fashioned adventure novels, historical fiction of certain eras, and trashy crime novels from the turn of the century. I also play a lot of old video and retro video games, and World of Warcraft. If you're interested in my work, my site is here.
Strengths: I am pretty strong on grammar, and I also consider myself relatively good at picking up awkward sentence structure and dialogue. Also, I know Latin.
Weaknesses: I am enormously forgiving with plot inconsistencies (I think it comes of reading too many pulp serials), so if you want a harsh continuity review, I'm probably not your best choice. I also don't particularly like uber-minimalist writing, so I am probably not great at picking up the subtleties of that particular type of style.
Preferred Genres: Not a big fan of crack, though humor is fine. I am not especially fond of really long fics, but I am willing to read them if you give me ample time and warning.
Fandoms: My main fandoms are Final Fantasy 4, Final Fantasy 6, Chrono Trigger, Earthbound, Raffles: The Amateur Cracksman, Avatar: the Last Airbender, and Sherlock Holmes. I am familiar with a LOT of video game and literary fandoms, as well as some anime, so don't hesitate to ask! However, I barely ever watch TV, so I probably can't do TV fandoms at all.
Preferred Ratings: Anything is all right, though I don't have a great deal of experience writing NC-17 fic myself.
Would Rather Not: I am pretty flexible as far as kinks and squicks go, but I'd rather not beta super-lengthy works or poetry.
Original Fiction/Nonfiction: Yes, though I'm mostly interested in historical fiction, horror, and fantasy. I am probably least interested in the science fiction and literary fiction genres. I am also willing to beta OC descriptions.

[personal profile] trialia

  • May. 14th, 2009 at 3:55 AM
Name: Trialia

Email: trialia at gmail dot com

Experience/Brief Bio: I'm a British, twenty-something, lesbian, disabled and Unitarian choirgirl living in the north-west of England. I have a collection of almost two thousand books at last count - they've taken over my house! I love cats and will probably turn into the epitome of the Crazy Cat Lady when I'm older. I like most kinds of music, video RPGs, and have wanted to be a librarian since I was a little girl, as I have a mania for alphabetising.

I've been in online fandom for over a decade, offline for even longer, and have been beta-reading in various fandoms and none at all - that is to say, original fiction - for around half that time. I've been reading since the age of two and was tested as having a reading and spelling comprehension age of eighteen when I was eleven. I also code websites and create graphic art, and occasionally play with podfic.

Strengths: Spelling in any form of English; I'm quite good at stylistic notes and grammatical corrections, and I speak some French and German if translated terms are needed. I also have a reasonably fast turnaround time (when I'm well) and don't mind doing things on short notice if I'm not too busy (which I'm usually not, as I'm disabled and unemployed).

Weaknesses: I can be a little tactless with correction, though I try to be as honest as possible, and I am chronically ill, so can't always meet a deadline if I'm given less than a week.

Fandoms: Battlestar Galactica (2003), Chalet School, Abbey Girls, CSI (pre-s6), CSI: Miami (pre-5), CSI:NY, NCIS, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (early seasons), Law & Order: Criminal Intent (first two seasons), Firefly, Gentlemen Bastards, House (early seasons), Buffy (books esp.), Sanctuary, Stargate: SG-1, Stargate: Atlantis (pre-s4), Tamora Pierce's Circle of Magic series & Aly books, Kathy Reichs' novels (not Bones), anything by Lois McMaster Bujold, Diane Duane, David Eddings, Agatha Christie, John Dickson Carr, Karin Slaughter, Colin Dexter... Basically, if it's SF, fantasy or crime drama related, ask and I might! But NOT Twilight. Never Twilight - or Laurell K. Hamilton.

Preferred Genres: Almost anything except crack, including crossovers where I know both fandoms.

Preferred Lengths: I can do anything; short I can get done more quickly, naturally. Epics might take a few weeks. I prefer short fic or beta-reading stories chapter-by-chapter as it's easier to keep track (I have some trouble with short-term memory).

Preferred Ratings: Anything.

Would Rather Not: Mpreg, manslash above a PG rating, non-con, dubcon, kink beyond bondage. There are a couple of pairings I wouldn't like to beta, but I'm generally a multi-shipper in most fandoms. Also, no Laura Roslin deathfic please. I'm still having trouble getting over the end of BSG!

Original Fiction/Nonfiction: Yes - again, I'll have a look at anything, but would prefer not out-and-out Harlequin-style romance in this case.

Additional Info: My fanfiction and original fiction archive is located at joyunending.net, my primary domain at unfaithful-mirror.net (try typing that when you're tired!). My username everywhere is Trialia, so if DW is down and you can't get in touch through here, feel free to try Twitter or LiveJournal.

May. 13th, 2009

  • 12:39 PM

Name: Stefeny
Email: stefenyland@hotmail.com or message me on here

Experience/Brief Bio: I don’t read books – I inhale them. I love reading almost anything in print, and have done my entire life. I write a little, am hoping to write more, and enjoy helping others develop their work. I love reading stuff that makes me laugh, but I tend to laugh at the wrong things (I slid off my seat laughing at “Twilight” the movie – and not at the jokes)

I work as an editor for a legal publishing company, so I like to read/edit fiction on my down-time. I’m about to start a Masters degree in Publishing and I hope branch out into editing fiction professionally.

 I’m based in Sydney, so be aware that my spelling is defiantly of the Australian/British variety (but I don’t alter US spelling in other writers’ work unless they are Australian)

Strengths: Grammar, spelling, structure … all the technical stuff. I am also very honest when it comes to stating my opinion – although some might not see that as a strength.
Weaknesses: I can come across as a bit more harshly than intended when critiquing. Deadlines can also be a problem, though I do try.
Fandoms: enquire within – I’m open to all, but I may not be too familiar with the details of specific fandoms. No Twilight please.
Preferred Genres: Am good with fantasy/sci-fi, but am open to anything except horror – it’s just not my thing.

Preferred Lengths: nothing too short – 1000 words plus.
Preferred Ratings: no preference.
Would Rather Not: read any more Twilight fanfic – seriously.
Original Fiction/Nonfiction: Yes, I would probably prefer it. Again, I am open to any genre – I’ll let you know if your work is something that I can’t help you with.

[personal profile] adventuring

  • May. 11th, 2009 at 2:56 PM
Name: Patience
Email: PM me here for the address.
Experience/Brief Bio: I've always loved reading and writing, but editing is especially enjoyable for me. I live in rural Maryland with my family, and I'm an active member of fandom. I've been editing as a hobby for quite a few years and plan to one day do it professionally.
Strengths: I'm very good with grammar, spelling, sentence structure and phrasing. Also, I'm speedy and won't leave you waiting around.
Weaknesses: Plot nitpicking. I'm not all that comfortable with it, though I will sure as hell tell you if something doesn't work.
Preferred Genres: No preference.
Fandoms: Supernatural, CW RPS, House, Merlin, Merlin RPS, Psych, NCIS, Chuck
Preferred Ratings: G-NC-17
Would Rather Not: I'd rather not beta the following: mpreg, deathfic and/or fics with depressing endings, stories under 1500 words.
Original Fiction/Nonfiction: Y

[personal profile] bliumchik

  • May. 12th, 2009 at 1:36 AM
Name: Maggie/[personal profile] bliumchik/Captain Oblivious
Email: maggie [spambreak] bloome @ gmail

Experience/Brief Bio: I've been a voracious reader all my (literate) life, and more to the point have been editing my less-than-fluent immigrant parents' correspondence for most of that time. I'm also the one my friends send assignments over MSN for advice, am currently enrolled in a Writing degree in which critique exchange is part of the classwork, am editor-in-chief of my university's Writer's Society's 'zine (less prestigious than it sounds, mostly consists of fiddling with Publisher and organising stapling parties) and as if that wasn't enough editing to do I moonlight as an Online Tutor so I can rant at high schoolers about passive voice. Obviously what I need is to do more editing!

I'm based in Sydney, Aus, love and intend to participate in punk rock, spec fic, poetry and comic books, am a fan of snakes and cats (luckily, not into genetic engineering), regularly make a fool of myself in the name of Theatresports and in my spare time I go down to the local Escrima class and hit things with sticks.

Strengths: Have picked up awesome grammar and syntax instincts apparently by osmosis. Also, decent grasp on story structure and an intense appreciation for interesting metaphors, poetic language and snappy dialogue.
Weaknesses: Deadlines. Homonyms. Words with two sets of ss's in them. Can be flippant if I don't like the subject matter.
Preferred Genres: Fantasy, science fiction and horror; related Weird. Can branch out especially if the story is Humour based.
Fandoms: to varying extents Bandom, Discworld, Sandman, Transmetropolitan, Batfamily, Firefly, Hornblower, Good Omens, Vorkosigan books, Hitch-hiker's Guide, Daily Show et al, misc/other: inquire within.
Preferred Ratings: no preference
Would Rather Not: deal with squicks like incest or non-crack-humorous mpreg; beta REALLY lengthy stuff unless I really love it; clean up after people who don't know what spellcheck is for.
Original Fiction/Nonfiction: Y

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