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Name:The Beta Masterlist
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Welcome to [community profile] beta_masterlist, a community whose goal is to provide as cohesive a masterlist as possible of all betas and editors available on Dreamwidth.

Please take the time to familiarise yourself with our guidelines, as you will be expected to know, understand, and comply with them when posting to or interacting with the community. Violation may result in a mod asking you to edit your content or, in extreme cases, the deletion of your post.

General Policies:
1) Civil English. Be polite, and don't bring personal drama here--standard fare. If you've a problem with a member, please feel free to message the mod.
2) English. Period. We understand not everyone speaks fluent English, but that is not an excuse for writing a sentence like "thIs iz 4 u plz". Please use proper punctuation and grammar. If we cannot understand you, we retain the right to delete your post or comment.
3) Cut long entries (anything extending beyond 10-15 lines) and images larger than 300x300px.
4) Posting to this community is moderated: only those from betas containing the form to offer will be passed. Authors are asked to comment on their chosen beta's post--more information is offered below.

Beta Policies:
1) Please fill out the following form:
Experience/Brief Bio:
Preferred Genres:
Preferred Lengths:
Preferred Ratings:
Would Rather Not:
Original Fiction/Nonfiction: Y/N (if yes, please specify genres of original fiction)

Additional Info:

2) If you have additional information listed elsewhere (a personal or professional website, a journal, etc.), please feel free to link to it.
3) Please put your username in the subject line (i.e. <*user name="YOUR NAME HERE"*>--sans asterisks).
4) You have a two-day grace period in which to respond to an author's request.
5) Even if you cannot accept the request, please take the time to respond to author to let them know--don't just wait for the grace period to be over.

Author Policies:
1) Check the masterlist for a beta or editor who works in the category for which you write.
2) Comment to their original post (linked in the masterlist) with a request.
3) Please allow the beta a grace period of two days to respond to your request. If you still have not received a response at that time, feel free to contact another beta.
4) If a beta responds to you late and you have already found another partner, please take the time to let the original beta know.

Ads & Advertising:
1) Communities related to writing and editing (not personal journals or communities) may be advertised once without permission. The ad must be placed behind a cut and labelled as such. Failure to do this will result in your post being deleted.
2) Please keep ads brief, and don't spam the community.
3) You are always welcome to link back to personal journals, communities, or websites listing your work or information. You do not have to post all of this information directly to this community, but make sure you are not linking to locked posts.

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